Camp Pioneer
July 25-31, 1999

From left: Ralph, Linda, Katie, Steven, Marty, Andy and Joe turn spooky in the Sawyer Ice Caves.

Scouts gather at Capitol Hill on Sunday morning.
Camp Pioneer is built around beautiful Pine Ridge Lake. Mount Jefferson is at top.

Pat the dynamic program director talks with scoutmasters.
Pat and other staff members lead a lunchtime song.
Staffer Ben leads a tour of the dining hall.
Linda sits with scouts at breakfast.
Troop 41 had four tables at each meal.
Dani (left) and Linda take a break at the campsite.
Scouts take a break, too.
Kyle shows off the tents that scouts slept in.
Kyle takes aim at the archery range.
The group gathers at Sawyer Ice Caves, an "Outbound" trip.
From left: Katie, Nick, Eric and Ralph prepare to enter one of the caves.
Matt (left) and Charlie snooze in a canoe.
Charlie (hands in air) and Matt have fun in a rowboat.
Pat fills out a wilderness hike permit.
The adult leaders gather during the wilderness trek.
Linda admires the beauty of a nearby lake.
Joe (left) and Eric prepare to attack the showerhouse.
Scouts try to break a log while clearing the Bear Lake Trail.
Scouts perform a song at the intertroop campfire.
From left: Brent, Phil and Blaine soak up some sun while waiting form swim class to begin.
Swimmers line up for class.
Andy glides through the Mile Swim.
Llamas helped transport tents on our "Outbound" to Bear Lake.
Scouts huddle around a fire to ward off mosquitos.
Another group shot. This time with llamas.
New Senior Patrol Leader Chris picks up Outbound cards from Pat.
Eric displays a fat trout he pulled from the lake.
A blindfolded Will makes some nifty acrobatic moves on the monkey bridge to earn beaver pelts during Pioneer Days.
Scouts perform a crazy dance to earn more pelts.
A soaked Mike (left) and Frank compete
in the Scoutmaster Armada.
Katie chats with Crazy Larry (alias James).
Troop 41's winning Pioneer Days team
tries to flag down the Ferry Folk.
The intrepid adult O-Ma-Chee Marathon team, the Old Goats and the Nanny (from left): Stan, Marty, Frank, Ralph Karl, Mike C. and Katie, with Mike G. in front.
Frank proudly displays the oar he broke near the finish of the marathon. It will become part of the troop lore.
From left: Kyle, Travis, Ben, Jake, Garrett
and Andy are honored for their camping skills.
Will (left) and Chris show off the winning deed
in the Pioneer Days competition.

What a
great week!!!!