Lava Beds trip

June 24-27, 1999

The group poses above the entrance to Indian Wells Cave.
Stan climbs out of Labyrinth Cave.
Katie follows Ranger Curtis' every word.
Will, Chris and Matt listen to the tale of Captain Jack.
The group gathers around the sacred post at Captain Jack's Stronghold.
Chris, Matt and Will sit under the smoke-blackened roof of Captain Jack's cave.
The fire tower on a nearby butte rests on lava.
The inside of the tower offers a commanding view.
Joe and Collin squeeze out of the entrance to a small cave.
Will and Chris take a breather outside the fire tower.
That's Brooks, Kyle and Joe in background.
Katie and scouts hunt for birds of prey at Petroglyph Point.
Petroglyph Point is surround by a chain-link fence to protect Indian writings.
The entrance to Skull Cave is HUGE.
Petroglyphs are found in many areas.
Our fearless leader. Nuff said.
Here's where we holed up for three nights.